Tuesday, February 11, 2020

taking submissions

We are always taking submissions of circles on i love circles, so if you have a circle that you made or one that peaked your interest, send it along to clydebink@gmail.com

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jim loves Circles

Jim loves these circles, or does he like them? Are they even circles? I think we can all relate to the curious challenges we face in our minds when we love circles. But we get past those uncertainties. The circles draw us to them, regardless of ambiguities. Jim loves circles, and that is enough.

Melissa Loves Circles

Here, Melissa picked out some circles she loves and tells us why she loves them.

Thanks Melissa.

dot lovers

Chris has brought it to my attention that there is a "Dots" group on Facebook
Yes, the age of internet-interconnectedness has allowed us to refine our fetishes and find community in our tastes for the meticulously particular, But let us not forget that every circle, must begin with a dot.

amber's circles, coming soon

Amber has been looking at circles all her life, loving them. Later this week we will feature an interview with her about her experience with circles, how they have affected her life. Here is just a sample of what she has sent to the site:

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

laura bell

Laura Bell was gracious enough to show some love for circles on the site. Check it out and support fellow circle lovers.

just maybe

We've contacted a skilled visual artist because Joe has brought our attention to her love of circles. Currently, we are awaiting a reply. If she agrees, then you will see how much she loves circles once we make a link to her online gallery.